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Third Party / Peer Review Services

Recently, jurisdictions have increasingly resorted to peer reviews and inspections by accredited independent providers to complement their limited enforcement staff. Several jurisdictions in the Washington metropolitan area have adopted some form of peer review and/or third-party inspections by independent plans examining and inspection agencies. Lourenco Consultants (LCI) is accredited to perform third-party code compliance services in the following jurisdictions:

In particular, the District of Columbia, through its Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), has established a special program to allow for plans reviews and inspections by third-party agencies in lieu of DCRA officials. Lourenco Consultants (LCI) was the first firm in Washington, DC fully accredited to perform third-party plans reviews and third-party inspections. In this capacity, LCI is an independent and impartial agent of DCRA.

All projects can benefit from third-party reviews and inspections; however, projects with very tight schedules stand to gain the most from LCI’s third-party plans review services. The major advantages are:

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